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500Mbps 4-Port HomePlug AV

The most sophisticated entertainment network

Sineoji 500Mbps 4-port HomePlug AV is an excellent addition for an entertainment network powered by high-speed powerline. With four integrated Ethernet ports designed in one HomePlug, the innovative model instantly boosts your connectivity to four other Ethernet devices. Your favourite game console, media player, desktop PC and IPTV set-top box can all be connected to one HomePlug in seconds, without any configuration or technical set-up. The fast-speed 4-port HomePlug empowers users to access, surf, download and connect to anyone and any media across ultra-fast fibre broadband.

The simplest set-up with Plug and Play

A smart entertainment network can be created easily without the use of any wiring or cabling. No drilling is involved and there is absolutely no fuss and no mess! With one HomePlug connected to the broadband router, connect another to any Ethernet device to create a wall-to-wall personal network. Add more HomePlugs to other devices for online gaming, VoIP or HD video streaming.

Push button security for peace of mind

Sineoji 500Mbps 4-port HomePlug AV is paired by pressing a slim “push button” found on the device. This allows an encryption key to be automatically generated, thus preventing your network from being accessed by unauthorized users. Combined with the existing private home power grid and 128-bit security encryption, Sineoji HomePlugs are a secure and safe means of Internet data transfer compared to wireless technologies.

A compact HomePlug design

Sineoji HomePlugs are designed with a distinctive 3-pin wall-plugged form factor to provide a fuss-free and pleasant user experience. The integration of four Ethernet ports does not hinder Sineoji’s signature compact design as the HomePlug does not obstruct the power switch when it is connected to a power outlet.

Energy saving and eco-friendly

Sineoji 500Mbps 4-port HomePlug AV consumes extremely low power and does not generate heat during long operation hours. The intelligent HomePlugs are able to detect when a connected Ethernet device is not in use and goes into a sleep mode, thus reducing power usage by more than 80%.

Universal compatibility

Sineoji 500Mbps 4-port HomePlug AV works with any brand of broadband router on DSL, cable or fiber network. It is compatible with all HomePlug AV models.

  • 4 x Ethernet ports for connection to other Ethernet devices
  • 500Mbps HomePlug AV standard
  • Supports HD media streaming on IPTV, Set-top box, game console, Internet TV and Android Media Player
  • Security Push button
  • Seamless integration
  • No new wires
  • Energy saving
  • Plug and Play
Computer interface IEEE802.3 (10 BASE-T), IEEE802.3u (100 BASE-T)
Standards HomePlug AV
Network interface Four RJ-45 (10/100 Base-T Ethernet)
Security 128-bit AES Link Encryption
Data PHY rate 500Mbps over Powerline and 10/100Mbps over Ethernet
Power input 100-240V at 50/60 Hz
Modulation scheme OFDM 1024/256/64/16/8 – QAM, QPSK, BPSK, ROBO
Operation range 300m in wall power lines
Status light Power, Data Connectivity, Ethernet Connectivity
Certification HomePlug AV Powerline Certification, FCC Class B, CE and PSB
Dimension 105mm x 76mm x 33mm
Power connector UK Plug