Press Release

Singapore – 23 April 2014 – Sineoji Asia Pte Ltd, networking solution provider to home users and small-medium enterprises, today announced the introduction of two new Wireless HD IP Cameras in addition to the existing HD Pan & Tilt range. Sineoji, “pronounced as Synergy”, is rolling out new models to cater to the rising demand for high quality monitoring at offices, homes, infant and elderly care centres.

Megapixel Wireless Pan & Tilt IP Camera with SD Card Slot, PT339V, will be available in a brand new aesthetic design with sleek finishing in piano black and glossy white. This model has a unique feature that allows users to view real-time recorded video from the SD card that is inserted in the camera at home while they are on the move.

Megapixel Wireless Pan & Tilt IP Camera, PT335V, will be shipped in Sineoji’s signature design that features a smart compact size for seamless assimilation in modern living and workspace areas.

Both models offer real-time high-resolution viewing in HD (720P) resolution on multiple remote viewing options of PC, tablet or smartphone platforms. This means crystal-clear live updates of infant and elderly care anytime, anywhere. Small business owners will enjoy convenient access to uninterrupted observation and monitoring of store and office facilities. Furthermore, users are able to perform remote real-time recording directly onto their mobile devices, a premium feature that is uncommon with other models in the market.

To enhance user viewing experience, the wireless HD IP Cameras are equipped with IR LED filter for sharp quality viewing in dark or dimly-lit areas. Additional features include bi-directional audio for two-way communication and motion detection sensibility. In order to help users manage a higher level of bandwidth efficiency, the surveillance cameras follow the H.264 standard. Compared to M-JPEG standard, H.264 reduces the size of a video stream by up to 80%, freeing up storage space for other precious video moments.

Set-up process remains fast and simple that is accomplished within minutes thanks to the smart Sineoji mobile app that allows for effortless camera management. While both newly launched models share similar features, Sineoji PT339V enjoys an additional SD card slot feature for external storage capability.

 Key benefits:

  • HD viewing at 720p resolution, 25 frames/second

  • Pan and tilt function to monitor wider room area

  • Wireless 802.11n connectivity for better coverage

  • Real-time recording to smartphone with mobile applications

  • 3-minute installation with free Android / iPhone app

  • Motion Detection sensibility

  • Night Vision with infra-red feature

  • Bi-directional Audio feature

  • SD card feature for Model no. PT339V

  • View recorded video in SD card while on the go (for Model no.PT339V)