Press Release

Singapore – 5 August 2013 – Sineoji Asia Pte Ltd, networking solution provider to home users and small-medium enterprises, today announced the introduction of the Sineoji brand in Singapore. Sineoji, pronounced as “Synergy”, will launch 600Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2, the fastest HomePlug to empower users with gigabit-class performance and a truly robust powerline experience. With Sineoji PL600EG, bandwidth-intensive applications can be carried out across HDTV, IPTV, Blu-ray players, game consoles and other entertainment devices without lag. Sineoji PL600EG runs on HomePlug AV2 standard, which achieves significant performance in multiple HD streaming over current HomePlug AV standard.

"The desire to stay connected at home has led consumers to demand a fast and reliable device to stream digital content on mobile devices. With the introduction of Sineoji 600Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2, users will further appreciate its high-performance ability to deliver up to 600Mbps powerline speed to electrical outlets. Online gamers will find a true gem in advanced HomePlug AV2, enjoying its rapid speed as the ultimate unrivalled powerline experience." said Dean Tan, Country Manager for Sineoji.

HomePlugs turn electrical outlets to Ethernet-ready points, delivering throughput without the need for cabling or new wires. They work in pairs, with one connected to the broadband router, and another connected to an Ethernet device to create a wall-to-wall personal network. Sineoji PL600EG can be connected in seconds without any configuration or technical set-up. With the security “push button”, an encryption key will be automatically generated to prevent the network from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Sineoji 600Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2 will be released to authorised retail outlets and superstores in September 2013. It is interoperable with current HomePlug AV models.

Key benefits:

  • Superior 600Mbps HomePlug on Advanced HomePlug AV2.
  • Access, surf, stream, download and connect to anyone across any media.
  • Universal compatibility with HomePlug AV and Green PHY. - Energy saving and eco-friendly.
  • No configuration needed, Plug and Play.